Principles of Dementia Care TQUK Level 2 Certificate


This qualification will help you understand what the condition entails, as well as teach how best to support those who are affected by it. The course covers essential topics such as positive communication techniques and person-centred approaches that take into account an individual’s needs at every stage of their journey through this difficult time in life.
Learn how you can best help them in their time of need with professional yet personable attention during the illness phase too when they may be experiencing symptoms like confusion due to forgetting things previously known just yesterday.
Learners must be 19+, EU residents for 3+ years, earn below £23,400 and have not previously completed this course.

Units / Modules

  • Dementia awareness
  • Person-centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia
  • Understand the factors that can influence communication and interaction with individuals who have dementia
  • Understand equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care
  • Understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person-centred approach
  • Understand behaviour in the context of dementia
  • Understand the benefits of engaging in activities in social care

Assessment Types

You will be assessed throughout your study by a series of assessment questions which are built into the course. Your answers are automatically saved and are available for you to revise and edit at any point before submission. You submit your assessment answers to your Tutor for marking, who will give you feedback on each question.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal qualification requirements, however, a good standard of English and digital literacy is essential.

Career Progression

This course may support learners into employment or on to higher level apprenticeships or study.

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