Health and wellbeing champions quotes:

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Health and wellbeing champions quotes:

“I have become much more aware of the causing factors and risks of not practising self-care in all definitions. I am also much more confident in how I could deal with this and assist any colleagues or even myself who may be experiencing difficult periods.”

“This training and development has hugely boosted my confidence regarding health and wellbeing, and given me that boost I needed to feel less awkward having H&WB conversations with colleagues and opening that dialogue. It has also provided me with an array of highly useful resources that I can also bring to the role.”

“The training course met my expectations, I felt at the end of the course I was more knowledgeable and felt like I had more experience to support health and wellbeing in my workplace. The course was very enjoyable with a great team and an excellent tutor.”

“As a ward sister, I lead a diverse group. In my role, I support my team members not just clinically, but also psychologically and emotionally. Working together with other team managers and attending mental health training like this is paramount to gain knowledge and insight in order to support our team members effectively.”